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How it all began...

In the Spring of 2003 I went to the Carlton County Chicken Swap. It is a gathering of peoples who live in our county selling just about anything and everything.  Lots of chickens, goats, puppies, name it, they have it.  I happened to spot two beautiful cockatiels in the cab of a truck. There was a young man selling them. He had raised them from babies but didn't have the time to devote to them anymore.  I originally only wanted to get one, but hearing how they never were seperated before, I bought both of them.  They were well taken care of, very tame and sang the most beautiful songs.  Looking almost identical (only difference is the shape of the orange patch on their cheeks) I let our two oldest children name them.  That is how Cheeko and Gunnar, both males, came into our lives.

Cheeko and Gunnar together

Ever since we brought the Tiel Brothers home, they have been caged together.  Notice how similiar they are to each other.  Visually it is still difficult for me to tell them apart unless I look close. Vocally it is a lot easier...Cheeko is a singer, Gunnar is the more quieter of the two.



...another together picture



...enjoying his favorite snack, Frosted Mini Wheats.