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One day I noticed an ad in our local newspaper for three cockatiels for sale. I called the woman up...she said she had a mom, dad and baby for sale. When she originally bought them, she didn't realize that one was a male and one was a female. They were definately a breeding pair and she didn't want anymore babies and didn't want to seperate the adult tiels. I drove the hour long drive and picked them up. The baby went to a good friend of mine, and we kept the adults.  The female we named "Ele" (Ms.El E. Phant-because she was gray and fat).  She is a cinnamon whitefaced mutation.  And the male we named "Jack" (for Jack Spratt could eat no fat-because he was a lot smaller than Ele). Jack is a normal gray split pied mutation.  They definately were bonded together and Jack was rather protective over Ele.  Since we brought them into our home they have had two clutches of babies. The first three were adopted out, the second three are still with us.  Ele and Jack have since been seperated to stop breeding.




Ele playing peek-a-boo after her bath.






My favorite picture of Jack taking a nap.



Jack and Ele were very protective of their eggs!

And also very protective of their chicks!

Ms. Ele being a good momma.

Jack letting me know NOT to mess with the baby!